Ideas To Prevent Bird Bath From Freezing: 5 Easy Tips


I love birds. I love their beauty, and the way they sing in the trees. But one thing that really turns me off is when my bird bath gets frozen over. Birds can’t swim, so how do they stay warm? Well, there are several ways that you can prevent your bird bath from freezing over!

  • Use a heat lamp

This is a great option if you have a large enough space for it or if you have access to electricity

Bring The Bath In

In order to prevent your bird bath from freezing, it’s important to bring the bath inside. This can be done by moving it into a room that is warmer than the outside temperature and placing a heating pad or other device around it.

If you have access to an electric blanket, this may also help keep your water warm enough for birds to use.

If you want even more warmth, consider using an electric bubbler like this one from Amazon:

Buy a heated bird bath

If you have a bird bath that is not heated, it is time to buy one. A heated bird bath will help keep your pet birds warm during the winter months, and it can also help prevent them from leaving their water bowl to freeze.

We recommend the Sunpentown Solar Heated Bird Bath because it’s easy to use and maintain, as well as easy to clean!

The thermostat allows you control over how much heat is put into your pet’s drinking area. The unit comes with an LED light that lights up when activated by turning on at night or in darkness;

this helps keep nighttime predators away from their drinking areas (but don’t worry—you’re still able to see inside without having any issues).

Put it in a sunny spot

You can put your bird bath in a sunny spot. This will help keep the water warm and prevent it from freezing, since sunlight helps heat up liquids.

Birds are also attracted to warm areas, so they will be more likely to drink from the bird bath if you place it somewhere where there is plenty of sun exposure.

If you don’t want to risk frostbite on your precious feathered friends’ backsides, don’t put their drinking fountain directly in front of a window it may be tempting but could lead to disaster!

Instead try putting it somewhere where there’s indirect sunlight but not direct rays from windows or skylights (as these tend not only reflect but also absorb more heat than other surfaces).

Add Water

  • Use hot water. It’s always a good idea to add a few cups of hot water to your bird bath, especially if the weather is cold or icy outside. This will help prevent freezing and can prevent mold from forming on the surface of your bird bath.
  • Use a hose with an extension nozzle attachment (or similar device). If you do not have access to an extension nozzle attachment, you can use any other kind of hose with one end that has more flexible spigots than its other ends; this will allow you to lift up some moisture from below into higher positions where it won’t freeze as quickly as it would otherwise.[1]

Use Bubbler

One of the easiest ways to prevent a bird bath from freezing over the winter is with a bubbler. A bubbler is a small device that can be used to keep your bird bath from freezing over the winter.

It’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep your birdbath from freezing, and it uses a small pump to circulate warm water through a tube.

This simple design works by circulating warm water through your pipe until it reaches the ground level where you have installed a shallow bowl filled with water (not intended for use as an actual drinking cup).

When this happens, birds will come and bathe themselves in this clean, safe water source!

Keeping your bird bath thawed will help keep birds hydrated over the winter

The first thing you should do is make sure your bird bath is thawed out. Birds need water to survive and they will die if they don’t have any.

If it’s too cold or damp outside, you can put a heat lamp over their bath so that it doesn’t get too cold.

This will keep them hydrated over winter months as well as helping them preen and clean their feathers which is important for healthy skin conditions during the cold season months ahead!

If you have other pets around like cats or dogs then these animals may also be affected by frozen water in your bird bath due to their smaller size compared with birds but still being able to drink from it without any issues whatsoever!


If your bird bath freezes, don’t despair. The best way to prevent that is to get in the habit of defrosting it and keeping water circulating. These tips will help you out no matter how cold it gets and they’re simple enough for anyone to do!

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