Proven Ways To Attract Downy Woodpecker To Your Backyard

Introduction : Downy Woodpecker is a common backyard bird that can often be seen at your local park. While they’re not flashy, they are helpful birds that enjoy eating insects, especially ants.

Downy Woodpecker behavior can be observed in the wild and you can even attract them to your backyard through the use of simple techniques.

To start attracting Downy Woodpeckers to your yard, you’ll need to start with their favorite food source: ants! A good place for this would be under trees where you have plenty of woodpecker activity such as yours or other yards in your area.

There’s no need for anything fancy here just find a decent sized tree with plenty of holes underneath it and set up an ant farm!

Now that we’ve got our first step covered let’s move onto something else: attracting the Downy Woodpeckers themselves! Here are some easy things everyone can do to attract these birds into their yard:

Attract Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker are attracted to bird feeders. In fact, they are the most common species of woodpecker in North America and they love suet.

They also like fruit, nuts and nectar (which is sugar water). You can make your own suet by melting down tree bark or making a mixture with shortening or margarine and oil.

The Downey’s favorite treat is raisins so if you have some laying around on the countertop, it will be easy for them to find!

They will also eat sunflower seeds, peanut butter and suet cakes. If you have a bird feeder, the Downy Woodpecker will be able to find it and eat from it. They are very territorial birds—and if you have one in your yard, don’t be surprised if they chase other woodpeckers away!

Select the proper birdseed.

First and foremost, you should select the proper birdseed. You want to use a mix of sunflower seeds, millet and peanuts. This will ensure that your birds are getting their daily dose of protein and fat as well as other nutrients necessary for their health.

Another option is to purchase a seed mix in bulk at your local hardware store or garden center. The seed selection should be limited so as not to attract squirrels (who love eating nuts), but still offer a variety of options for your feathered friends!

You may also consider purchasing an automatic feeder if you have young children who might be tempted by some tasty treats up close! These types of devices are easy-to-clean plastic containers with holes on top that allow hungry birds access when they’re hungry enough.

And don’t worry about squirrels trying themselves out since these types typically only holds about 1 cup worth of food at most times unless there’s more demand than normal around here during certain seasons like wintertime when flocks move southward toward warmer climates such as Florida.”

Add suet to your feeder.

Suet is a great food source for woodpeckers. It can be purchased at any local store, such as Walmart or Target. Suet is a great source of energy and protein, which are essential nutrients that woodpeckers need to survive in the wild.

Suet lasts longer than other types of food; it will last up to 8 months before spoiling if stored properly (but you should check with your local wildlife rehabilitator).

Easy Ways to Attract Downy Woodpecker

  • Virginia Creeper
  • Suet
  • Insect-Friendly Yard
  • Sunflower Seed
  • Dead Trees

Provide extra shade and shelter.

The best way to attract the Downy Woodpecker is to provide extra shade and shelter. The birds are known to rest in trees after feeding, so keep your yard free from overgrowth or leaf litter that might hinder their ability to perch comfortably.

If you have an open area with plenty of room for them, consider adding a platform or enclosed structure as well.

It’s also important not only for your bird but also for other wildlife species that may be visiting your backyard! Birds like this one often live near water sources such as ponds or lakes where they can easily find food sources like insects which make up its diet (although it will eat anything).

Having a backyard filled with birds is a great way to attract Woodpeckers.

Having a backyard filled with birds is a great way to attract Woodpeckers. Birds are fun to watch, and they can be beneficial in many ways.

  • Birds eat insects, which helps keep your yard from being overrun by pests.
  • Birds help pollinate plants by carrying pollen from one plant to another (or even from one flower to another). This makes it easier for plants like apples or avocados to bear fruit, so you’ll get more fruits out of your trees!
  • A backyard full of birds may also provide an aesthetic value for homeowners looking for something different than just plain old houses or buildings do their best work when surrounded by greenery—and downy woodpeckers are known for their bright colors!


If you want to attract Downy Woodpeckers to your backyard, you need to start by considering how they might feel about it.

Section: If you can find a way to make them feel comfortable and welcome in your yard, they will stay there all day long.

Section: The most important thing is that the birds recognize that there is food available for them!

Section: Don’t underestimate the importance of attracting these birds with delicious treats; it’s an effective way to get them coming back again over and over again.

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